About us

Our Core Values

Rave Wonderland is a direct-to-consumer festival apparel company so our customers get the cost savings benefit of "cutting out the middleman" or brand name markups.  And while we are fans of the big names in the industry, we always strive to provide products at an affordable price to our fans without compromising on quality.

We purchase from the same or similar manufacturers as the big names, but we also take the extra step to ensure all our products are ethically sourced, made with the same great quality, and without all the unnecessary markups. Some companies can mark up their prices as much as 10x for the same products just because of a brand name, and that's just not something we believe in. We align our values to other direct-to-consumer companies like Warby Parker, Cuyana, and Everlane.

Festivals are expensive, so it's our core value to not price gouge and pass on the savings. 

Our History

Rave Wonderland is a female owned and operated company founded back in late 2013. The founder is an avid raver herself, but was having a hard time finding really unique outfits at affordable prices. Outfits that really wowed her were at least a few hundred dollars, while cheaper outfits were a dime a dozen at the raves she was attending. She decided to take matters into her own hands and went to the local Michael's craft store and started handmaking rave bras. Rave Wonderland's humble beginnings started on Etsy and word-of-mouth. The founder was even hand delivering outfits all over the Vegas Strip during EDC week.  

In early 2015, the founder partnered with another avid raver and together they continued to seek out some really great outfits, but negotiated intensely to get fair deals that they could pass onto the customer. 

Rave Wonderland is still a small and humble mom and pop shop and we are proud to be able to supply fresh and beautiful festival attire as we hope to continue to grow. 

Thanks for visiting our store!  We certainly appreciate any feedback and enjoy shopping!


Rave Wonderland