Commission is based off of sales. Once someone uses your unique discount code to complete a purchase they get 10% off their entire purchase and you get 10% of that sale.

Log into your ambassador’s account. You can find your earnings on the homepage, under the Reports tab and Commissions tab.

No, unfortunately you cannot use your own code to make personal purchases and earn commission. But be sure to spread the word to your rave fam to earn!

After you fill out the application you will be taken to the homepage of your new promoter’s account. Go to the Settings tab and click “Payment Settings” on the left hand side. Then simply add in your email associated with your PayPal account.

Commission will be pending for 30 days to ensure finalization of the sale. If the customer does not return items from their purchase you will be rewarded commission.

Please contact info@ravewonderland.com and we will assist with the problem. Before reaching out to us be absolutely sure whoever is using your code is spelling it correctly.

Users must stay active. To stay active you must make a sale with your code within a 90 day period.

First off, thank you for sharing your code! While we love that you’re engaging we do not allow you to share your code on our website, on ANY of our social media posts, ads or any coupon site. If you are caught in violation of any of these or if we believe you are in violation of our policy we have the right to cancel your account and void all payouts. Rave Wonderland reserves the right to change or cancel any codes that are in violation of these terms.

As promoter we are looking for you to spread the word of Rave Wonderland in a fun, organic way. Top promoter’s stay active, post their code on all their social media channels and constantly share their code/content in creative ways. You will be expected to post once a month about Rave Wonderland on IG,Facebook,Snapchat, etc. We also ask that you provide images from events you attend wearing Rave Wonderland or just shots of you in your gear. Let us know what you’re going to and we’ll hook you up with some sick discounts and apparel! You’re free to post more if you’d like! Remember the more your referral code gets used the more you make!

These are opportunities we extend to only members of our ambassador program. Project may include Snapchat takeovers, product reviews or social media projects. The possibilities are endless!

Exclusive opportunities are given to those promoters who go above and beyond ;) what is expected. These promoters show a track record of sales, communicating with customers in the rave community and sharing our content often. If we see you’re putting in effort we’ll reward you with even my products and opportunities. You could be featured on our website, in an upcoming shoot, represent us at an event/rave, etc.

To be considered for these exclusive opportunities show us you are as passionate about dance music, raving and Rave Wonderland as we are! We love passionate, enthusiastic people. Show us this and we’ll reward you with some awesome opportunities!


We love the raving community and welcome anyone to help us spread the word.
Guidelines: Sign up to be a promoter on RaveWonderland.com and create your discount code!
Opening promoters get: Perks include 10% commission of every sale completed using your discount code.
You’ll be a part of an exclusive group and receive deals, merchandise, discounts and contest specifically for ambassadors.
You’ll also get the first look at new arrivals and be able to purchase them before the public!
Opportunity for free products.

You’ve showed us some love and we’ve noticed!
Guidelines: Have made $500 in sales and shared at least 5 photos to social media accounts tagging @ravewonderland.
Mainstage promoters get: Invited to mainstage promoter only projects! P
roject may include Snapchat takeovers, product reviews or social media projects.
Help us shape the raving community by participating in ambassador surveys to receive bonus offers!
Free products More exclusive opportunities.
Which include, but not limited to being featured on our website, in an upcoming shoot, represent us at an event/rave, etc.
Plus Opening Promoter perks!

Still need help? Send us a note.