GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

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GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack with Charging Cable
  • Designed for use with Pixel Pro LED Eyewear
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Cell Lasts for 5-7 Hours
  • Capacity: 2,000 mAh
  • Input: 5V/1A
  • Output: 5V/1A

We know the pain of running out of power during your favorite DJ set and we’ve come up with the perfect solution! With the GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack, you can rave through the night with confidence knowing that you’ll always have a backup battery source for your GloFX Pixel Pro LED Eyewear.

Once fully charged, this USB Rechargeable Battery Pack will provide an average battery life of 5-7 hours depending on the mode and brightness level of your GloFX Pixel Pro LED Eyewear.

Charging Directions:

  1. Insert micro USB cable into the battery pack’s input port.
  2. Attach the standard USB end into a USB port. The red indicator light will start blinking to indicate charging.
  3. The battery pack will be fully charged when the red indicator light stays lit.


This information applies to all GloFX Li-ion batteries. Read this information carefully and comply with all safety measures always. Use necessary precautions before charging or using your battery.

GloFX Li-ion batteries are manufactured and sold for intended use with compatible GloFX products only. GloFX Li-ion batteries are neither designed nor intended to be used with any E-CIGARETTE, VAPORIZER, or similar devices. USE BATTERY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Failure to follow safety instructions and warnings may result in personal injury, fire, and property damage if the battery is charged and/or used improperly.

  • For use with compatible GloFX products only.
  • Do not use with e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or similar devices.
  • Do not drop or subject to strong physical shock.
  • Do not use below -10°C or above +40°C.
  • Do not disassemble, crush, or modify.
  • Do not short circuit the battery.
  • Do not use if the outer casing of the battery has damage. If the battery is damaged in any way stop using it immediately.
  • Charge battery fully before first use.
  • Use the provided, or comparable, high-quality charger specifically designed to charge Li-ion batteries.
  • Do not charge unattended.
  • Never discharge a Li-ion battery at a rate exceeding the maximum discharge current specified for that battery.
  • Never use force installation of Li-ion batteries.
  • Do not immerse in any liquid.
  • Keep the battery away from children, and pets.
  • Never charge the battery at a current exceeding manufacturer-specified charging current.
  • Stop immediately if while charging, storing, or using the battery it emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any way.
  • It is your responsibility to determine that your charger or device is functioning properly
  • Do not throw away in the trash; contact your local jurisdiction for proper recycling or disposal.

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